Artista: Felipe Cardeña
Medium: Digital Art

Edition: To be defined

“Climate Change (The Loss of Innocence)” is the latest work by Felipe Cardeña, and is dedicated (as the title suggests) to ongoing climate change. At the center of the picture, Botticelli’s Venus, which becomes the subject of controversy after the famous campaign by the Armando Testa agency commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Tourism. But, this time, the Venus is not only dangerously sunk up to her thighs in the sea (which has the features of the famous Hokusai Wave), a symbol of the climate emergency, but also bombarded with splashes of color, recalling the deeds of Ultima Generazione’s activists, that protest precisely against the government’s underestimation of the climate emergency. Here is explained the second part of the title: “The loss of innocence”. In the face of the ongoing climate disaster, no one is innocent anymore.

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The universe of Felipe Cardeña’s Flower Power is characterized by an eclectic and versatile style, so much so that it surrounds images of mass culture with a fairy-tale background, which is placed on a plane halfway between reality and imagination.

The most famous icons of the 20th and 21st centuries are surrounded by the artist by splendid holes, thus becoming food for thought on the chaos of contemporary life.