Artist: Daniele Fortuna
Medium: Digital Art, MP4

Edition: To be defined

A series of works to pay homage to the master of Belgian surrealism René Magritte. The clouds, protagonists of the Clouds series, acquire their own identity, contaminating the work itself and its surroundings. In this way, the natural element forms a fluidity between past and present within a dreamlike scenario.
With this series of works, Fortuna wants to focus attention on the need to stop and reflect on our past to realize at a later time how much better our present is; the series thus triggers a sense of peace in the spectators, prompting them to a spontaneous reflection on time.

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Daniele Fortuna artist born in Milan in 1981, since his early adolescence, thanks to his passion for art, he has frequented artist studios and art galleries among the most important in the city. He completed his studies at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan, cultivating an interest in design in parallel with art.

He then moved to Ireland, in the south-east, near Dublin, for study and work reasons. There he works in a lighting studio, and thus the interest in wood is born, the material that will be the foundation of his sculptures of him. From the carving technique, wood allowed it to be composed in different shapes and motifs allowing the artist to give plastic shape to his ideas.