Artist: Felipe Cardeña
Medium: Digital Art

Edition: To be defined

“Felipanda” is a series of original NFTs by the Hispanic artist Felipe Cardeña dedicated to the defense of the environment, endangered animal species and natural ecosystems.

If the background of the work is typical of Cardeña, focused on the beauty and overabundance of flowers and nature, the main subject of the work is instead represented by the figure of a hyper-contemporary and pop panda, invented by Felipe Cardeña and his staff specifically for WWF Italy: Felipanda.

The figure of Felipanda was created by Felipe Cardeña for WWF Italia in 2019, with whom the artist has already collaborated for a campaign in favor of the WWF oasis: over 200,000 bags with the figure of Felipanda were in fact sold in Auchan supermarkets for finance the WWF Oasis, while the figure of this likeable contemporary Panda has appeared on posters and giant screens in the main Italian cities.

The name Felipanda was created especially for the campaign by the critic and cultural agitator Christian Gancitano, an expert in urban art and youth culture, who “given” Cardeña the name of his hyper-contemporary panda.

With a cheerful, smiling gaze, a pleasant face and a cuddly look, Felipanda has the typical characters of today’s pop stars: if the “mask” over his eyes, which differentiates him from “any” panda and recalls the idea of anonymity, is typical of superheroes, the teeth and the gold necklace and the green wig, in perfect trapper style, together with piercing and earring, are the elements that immediately recall fashions and attitudes typical of youth cultures.

Today Felipanda also becomes a unique and original NFT, with a character at the center who has already enjoyed great success during the campaign for the WWF oasis.

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The universe of Felipe Cardeña’s Flower Power is characterized by an eclectic and versatile style, so much so that it surrounds images of mass culture with a fairy-tale background, which is placed on a plane halfway between reality and imagination.

The most famous icons of the 20th and 21st centuries are surrounded by the artist by splendid holes, thus becoming food for thought on the chaos of contemporary life.