Artist: Daniele Fortuna
Medium: Digital Art, Video MP4

Edition: 64

The classic-style garments superimposed on each other represent the human being in all its complexity. By now having become an object that acts in the world in which he lives (and no longer a protagonist, arrogant subject and master of the world), man is helpless in the face of nature, capable only of suffering its effects.

Daniele Fortuna, artist born in Milan in 1981, since his early teenage, thanks to his passion for art, visited artist studios and art galleries among the most important of the city. He studied at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan, cultivating a strong interest in art and design.
He then moved for study and work in Ireland, in the south-east, near Dublin. There he worked in a lighting studio, where his interest in wood, the material that will be the foundation of his sculptures, was born. From the technique of carving, wood could in fact be composed in different shapes and patterns allowing the artist to give plastic shape to his ideas.

After finishing his studies in Ireland, he returned to Italy and began to create his first works. His art began to take shape and he created his first works in wood, paintings formed by wooden pieces shaped, coloured and then assembled like parts of a puzzle. Later he will move on to three-dimensional compositions, at first subjects from the animal world and then icons of the classical Greek-Roman combined with colours and traits of contemporary Pop.