Artist: Mr Savethewall
Medium: Digital Art, Video Mp4

Edition: 100

Mr. Savthewall’s iconic frog catapulted into the world of finance. In the background the entrance to the Milan Stock Exchange in Piazza Affari and a shower of DollArt. Homage by the artist to the recent stock market listing of Deodato.Gallery SpA

Mr. Savethewall is an Italian artist who works according to the Situationist drift and détournement method to propose works that interpret themes and customs of contemporary society in a playful or polemical, ironic or irreverent key.

A “deconstruction and reconstruction of linguistic codes” that Mr. Savethewall operates through the modalities and intervention techniques of Street Art, first of all the use of the stencil on urban-derived and mass-consumed supports such as cardboard , wrapping paper, wood, metal, recycled material.

As his pseudonym states, Mr. Savethewall does not paint on walls but respects them and “saves” them by fixing his works temporarily with four pieces of yellow tape at the corners.

Mr.Savethewall today is one of the most appreciated Italian street artists by collectors and known to the general public. There are also numerous partnerships with international brands, such as Panerai, The Medelan, Rum Diplomatico and Mondadori.